Wild Life and Fauxtaxidermy

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Living in Africa for most of my life, I like to surround myself with these beautiful animals. However, hanging a dead animal trophy head on my wall is not my thing! 

Using those wonderful handpainted fabrics from Carole Nevin Factory shop in Cape Town and gathering the palm leaves we find on the road after a windy day I came up with this 'faux taxidermy' idea.

We use textile offcuts and Tshirt yarns which we crochet with colourful cotton and upholster/sculpt the heads of the different wild animals onto the palm leaves. The result is a bright humourous wall decoration which keeps the memories of African travel alive in our visitors home. I might add that the palm leaves are extremely light with a corklike consistency and therefore do not add too much weight to the luggage! 

You can see a lot more images of our creations here and you can request an animal or a specific match the sofa?!