These Masks Will Only Make You Laugh

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So here I am ...surrounded by all my humorous but useless masks in terms of protection however you will agree humour is imperative to survive this crazy time…

So far in Cape Town we are not yet ordered to stay home, although one should, but I allow myself a walk on the beach early mornings. What a privilege to be able to breathe the fresh air without risk of infection and with the help of Mother Nature try to reflect on this dire situation…

I always suspected that I have a touch of ADHD as I start loads of different projects at the same time and my ‘atelier’ is a shamble as a result. Yesterday in a bout cleaning frenzy I rearranged the mess, put beads, shells, stones and other bits and pieces in labelled boxes and sorted my textile stash into colour coded piles so that we can get back to orderly production when the crisis is over.

Creation activity is however dampened at present which scares me a bit, one needs to kick out anxieties and stay positive. When this crisis is over, like it happened after wars, Euphoria will prevail but hopefully with some caution thanks to our new lessons learned...

Meanwhile hang in there, stay safe and see you on the other side! 

Sanatised virtual hugs to all !