Shell Jewellery

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The glorious Mermaid!
We only buy shells from a registered trader! Let’s get this out of the way!
Abalone called Perloemoen in South Africa is our number one choice as its iridescence makes wonderful jewellery… organic bling if you wish! We often pair it with wooden beads, seed beads, gemstones or even textiles.
The Alikreukel is also one of our favourite shell combined with giant pearls for an elegant and stylish vibe showing that shell jewellery does not only belong by the seaside.

Let’s not forget the popular typically Boho ‘Cowrie Shell’ which made its appearance in 2018 Summer collections of not-so-boho PradaMiu Miu and our beloved Dolce & Gabbana! …


My muse and very glamorous customer Erica Griffith is certainly my most precious PR... Judge for yourself!
Shell jewellery has definitely gone up the style ladder of statement jewellery.